Pest Control Estimates
Pest Identification and Removal
Your family, pets, and plants are at risk if there is a pest infestation in your property. Take action today. Get pest control estimates. Call Liechty & Sons Exterminating for complete residential or commercial pest inspection, serving the Montgomery, Warren, Greene, Butler and Clinton counties. We will work until there is no trace of pests left in your property. You can also request our team to use an unmarked vehicle for the service.
Get an Inspection Today
Call our team of professionals at (513) 934-3270 and/or (937) 286-4367 today to get started on pest control and prevention. We control pests systematically. We begin with pest identification and property evaluation and continue with pest baiting and elimination. We keep your property free of pests with our pest monitoring service. For questions about pests we control, our company, and our pest elimination procedures, simply fill out the form with your name, contact details, and questions.
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